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Dear Friend,

I am James Lee Valentine, founder of the eight MX online business programs. As an internationally published author of personal empowerment books, and now a creator of online 'success system' business opportunities, it is my pleasure to welcome you to MX20, which is the lowest priced but fastest earning of the MX programs.


If you are like many people, you have searched long and hard for an easier way to create a substantial income. I have devoted many years, since 1996 in fact when I authored my very first book, to helping empower people to live more extraordinary lives and reach for the attainment their fullest potential.

This MX20 online business has been created to help empower people FINANCIALLY and PERSONALLY so that they are more able to transform their lives in a positive and fulfilling direction.

In this fast-paced world, it seems that people are looking to get rich as fast as possible. While this is understandable, it is hardly ever attained in reality. Partly this is because online programs proliferate so quickly, then disappear just as fast. Easy come, easy go is a motto that springs to mind. But we aim to be an exception to this philosophy of here-today-gone-tomorrow companies.

We at the five MillionaireX programs know that people want a stable online money making program allied to a good value product and that is why, as you read further down this page and you study our entire website, including the comprehensive Questions section, you will come to understand that we want to promote home businesses that will stand the test of time. This is done by having a solid foundation upon which we and you together can build our stable yet rewarding future.



A major part of the solid foundation of MillionaireX20 --- and our sister programs MX Fast Money and MillionaireX1 and MillionaireX3 and MillionaireX7 --- comes from the fact that since our initial inception in June 2009, though trial and error and massive workload and multiple testing of many operating systems and tremendous expense in time and money and effort, we have finally created systems that operate correctly at all times and have done so since May 2011.


Now, as we launch this final MX program --- MillionaireX20 (also known as MX20 for short) --- in October 2012, our software operates as it was designed to function, our admin operating systems work flawlessly, with automated payments systems, correct placement of new accounts, instantaneous commission allocation in the back offices of members, instant commission requests by the members, automated email responders for new members and commissions earned, automatic online delivery of the products on time every time, and all facets of the MX20 program has been proven to work as intended.



You have my word as the founder of MX20 that we will still be here in the year 2020 and beyond. THESE ARE OUR FINAL VERSIONS OF MX20 WITH ITS 'POWER 3X3' INCOME PLAN, MXF WITH ITS 'POWER 2X2' PAY PLAN, AND MX1-MX3-MX7 WITH THE 'POWER 700%' PAY PLAN AND WE WILL NEVER CHANGE THEM. Our 'MX20 Vision' as detailed below will give you clear insights into my own personal commitment to do whatever I can to keep our programs running flawlessly so that you can build your own personal network of members safe in the knowledge that it will endure, all the time empowering you with the ability to increase your income and help others along their paths to financial success also.

Keep in mind, as you make your decision to join us or not, that MX20 has a ONE-TIME joining fee of US$20 only. This means that once you have joined, you are a member for the life of the business. However, you can earn income again and again and again for the life of the business, "cycling" as many times as you are able, each time earning TEN TIMES the $20 cost of joining. In the case of MX20 this means you can earn more than $200 each and every time you complete a new 'POWER 3X3' matrix. Plus with MX20 you can earn 7 types of commissions. For more details on how the pay plan works, please see the Opportunity and Pay Plan pages of this website.

My of my strongest personal facets is communication --- at least via email. I am online every day of the year, even Christmas Day, albeit for a few hours only on special holidays, and I ALWAYS respond to every proper email that is addressed to me by name, usually within just a few hours. So if you have any questions about any of the MX businesses before joining us (and after you have studied every page of this website, including the extensive Questions page) send an email addressed to me and I will be delighted to communicate with you. My personal MX email is:

Hopefully soon it will be my pleasure to welcome you to the MX20 home business and what a delight it will be if we can meet up one day in the not too distant future. As the founder of this company and as far as I am able to assist people in developing and expanding their business, I will always endeavor to help and guide all members to the best of my abilities.


James Lee Valentine

Founder of the MillionaireX online business programs


MX20 Vision

At MX20 we believe that clarity of vision is an integral part of the process for attaining success in all areas of life, especially the financial arena. Say your objective is to have a net worth of one million dollars or more within the next five years. Without a clear perception of what you specifically want to achieve and when, you will likely never attain this aim or any other.

Clear vision is often referred to as "20-20 vision" and we believe that you must have clearly sighted long range financial goals of monumental importance to you that help manifest successful results for you. These strategic targets must form a financial development plan for your business and personal life that come to fruition at latest by the year 2020.

Stability of whatever business you are involved in is vital for long term success to transpire. As such, we are making this personal commitment to you that we will keep expanding and improving all five of the MX home business opportunities at least until the year 2020 and much longer and keep them operating seamlessly and professionally for the entire duration.

This means that you have enough time in which to fulfill your financial ambitions with the confident knowledge that the effort you place into building your own MX20 home business today will pay off handsomely in the long term future. Our commitment allied with our unique 'POWER 3X3' income plan means that your financial objectives are now within your reach.

We want you to think of MX20 as a get rich steadily home business that you build slowly but surely month after month after month. If you will introduce just one new member into MX20 each month for twelve months and you work with these people to also bring in just one new person each month for twelve months, you would build a substantial and very profitable network.

Then, if you have this philosophy of slow but steady growth repeated throughout your network, it would expand  exponentially each year. That's the beauty of compound growth in action in your business. And remember, you never have to pay any extra fees once you have joined MX20, ever.

So, in a one-year period, you may have brought in just twelve or so individuals, yet your network could be in excess of several hundreds of people. And if every person in your network kept bringing in just one new person each month, your business would explode because the compound growth would be increased by an exponential factor year after year.

Plus we have all five of the MX programs --- MX20, MXF, MX1, MX3, MX7 --- for you and your network members to upgrade to for higher earnings potential. With MX7, for example, you can earn US$4900 commission each and every time your matrix fills with just 14 people and you cycle.

With the MX20 product, you have enough network marketing mastery and personal empowerment fire-power to positively transform your life, one day at a time. Our aim is to provide you with a professional yet simple daily program --- the POWER NETWORKING MODULES --- that is a guiding force in your MX business until the glorious day arrives when you have finally attained all of your personal and financial aims.

We at MX20 will do all we possibly can to help you create for yourself a substantial personal net worth via our dynamic and empowering home business opportunity. The chance is here now for you to move a few steps closer to attaining what you most desire for yourself and your loved ones. With us, you will have a stable program that remains in place throughout this decade with systems that operate as they should, thereby giving you the confidence to recommend the family of MX business programs to the people in your circle of influence and thereby giving you the increased income you crave.


MX20 Mission

MX20 has a mission to help you attain your personal freedoms, all of them. Health freedom for you to have the energy and wellbeing to enjoy every waking moment of your existence with vitality and zest. Emotional and spiritual freedom from the invisible chains that have mankind locked into a life of servitude to those who wish to steal your fondest dreams. Financial freedom that liberates you to earn as much as you want, allowing you to support the lifestyle you cherish. Time freedom that allows you to do those things that you want to do, whenever you want, however you want, with whomever you want.

We at MX20 believe the universe is infinitely abundant and your life is meant to be enjoyed doing the things you most love and which bring you the greatest pleasure. Our commitment is to provide you with a powerful financial mastery business opportunity and a high value personal empowerment product for you and other like-minded ambitious individuals to utilize in their quest to attain life's most cherished gifts.


Imagine having the ability to be, do or have anything you want. Well, you don't need to imagine any more, because the power to be successful is already within you. The family of MillionaireX business programs and the daily MILLIONIZER and MVP2020 and POWER VIDEOS and POWER NETWORKING MODULES products can help awaken your desire for higher success and greater personal glory, guiding you step by step to create a new reality for yourself.

If it is your ambition to build a substantial net worth and achieve financial independence during the next decade, you need specialized training in the area of wealth mastery. You need a personal success coach who can show you how to create the lifestyle you desire. With your permission, we will be your life mastery coach.


Our aim at MX20 is to assist YOU in becoming the kind of person you need to be so that you can indeed attain financial success and experience great wealth in all areas of your life. This includes your health and physical condition... your relationships and interactions with others... your business and career choices... your attitude and mindset… and your attainment of financial freedom.

More than just the money though, real individual freedom is all about having the physical wellbeing, the emotional fortitude, the spiritual foundation and the time freedom with which to create the lifestyle of your dreams. We aim to help you build yourself into the person you desire yourself to be in order for you to reach your peak capacity in all areas of your life, such as:

o Optimum health
o Superior social life
o Increased earnings
o Empowered mindset
o Career advancement
o Attainable weightloss
o More physical energy
o Harmonious relationships
o Enhanced communication skills
o Mental and physical and spiritual balance

And so much extra... including far more fun in your life!

It is said that "actions are the seeds of fate" and "deeds create destiny" so the MX20 home business and the daily POWER NETWORKING MODULES product are designed to get our members to take DAILY ACTION to build a better life for themselves. Taking action TNT --- TODAY NOT TOMORROW --- to create positive change is a key component of the empowering philosophy we espouse.

This maxim accurately reflects our mission for you:

"We build YOU . . . so that YOU can build YOUR fortune"


James Lee Valentine

The effervescent James Lee Valentine --- click for more details --- is promoted as an Empowering Author Extraordinaire. Originally from England, but now based full-time in South East Asia, he is also a dynamic and exciting seminar speaker, and creator of the MillionaireX family of financial mastery and personal empowerment home businesses.

As Danny Narceda, VP for Human Resources, Southern Energy Corporation, enthused after attending a James Lee Valentine event, “I have attended similar seminars in the past and have read hundreds of books on the subject, but I can truly say that nothing has inspired me to really take action as much as your seminar.”

Starting with his first book in 1996, James has authored more than sixty books based on his own unique mix of inspiration, empowerment and personal development. His series of books have so far been published in fourteen countries worldwide --- Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Malaysia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Vietnam, Israel, Russia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom --- and soon to be published in several other countries.

For James, writing empowering books and conducting inspiring seminars are his joy in life. He always makes the best investment he can of words and wisdom, heart and soul, spirit and time, and energy and enthusiasm. He aims to make a real difference in this world through the 'MILLIONAIRE' and 'POWER' series of books, seminars and personal development tools that he has so far developed and will continue to create.

Esther Magleo, President of Unioil, Inc., had these enthusiastic words to say about James Lee Valentine, “Your disposition is so contagious. Now, I look at every day as a new beginning, a birthday celebration just like what you taught us.”

James has an unquenchable passion for life and an incredible desire to experience life fully. His commitment is to design and live a life that works so well, all who see it are moved toward the attainment of maximum health, wealth, wisdom and happiness for their own lives too.

James is the founder of the MillionaireX online programs which offer success systems that provide powerful financial mastery and personal empowerment resources. These home businesses are the answer for all people who desire to attain greater financial success and personal empowerment.



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