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1. MX20 Server Migration Next Weekend

starting on Saturday we will migrate the MX20 website and also MX1, MX3 and MX7 to a new server.
This means that there will be offline times on Saturday and Sunday, as the IP will be changed to another IP.
Once the migration is finished we will post it on our facebook group
You may join this group to learn how we work with MXRevShare and also help each other in filling the 8 MX matrix programs.
If you were not active for the last months or years - MXR will be the reason to start again building your business again!

Say YES to success!
Janus Nowak
techn. admin


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2. Pre-Launch of MX Revenue Sharing

Pre-Launch of MX Revenue Sharing

October 10, 2015

MX Global Members:

Pre-launch has just begun for the new revenue sharing online advertising platform that compliments the existing MillionaireX online home business programs: MXREVSHARE.

Joining is free!

The full official launch is Sunday 1st November… just 3 weeks away… and you can be one of the first people worldwide to join MXREVSHARE today.

The website is online and you can join for free now!

Say yes to success!

James Lee Valentine
Owner and founder of the MillionaireX online home business programs.

3. Latest MX News


We have multiple MX online home business programs all with their own websites and "News" webpages: MX20 | MXF | MX1 | MX3 | MX7 | MX9 | MX500 | MXM and the newest MXRevShare business launched on November 1st 2015.

Instead of posting the latest news multiple times, we just post the latest news updates to the MX500 website "News" webpage.

Click this link to go there now:


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